The Performance of Nursing™: Spotlight on the Nurse-Patient Connection


Dr. Bob Baker knows that doctors make the diagnosis and write the orders, but the real work of healing is done by nurses. And yet the nurse shortage has meant increased demands on nurses’ time, leaving them less time with their patients. And technology, which is supposed to make nurses more efficient, can actually come between nurses and the people they care for.

The profession of nursing is undergoing massive changes. As the U.S. healthcare system moves away from a fee-for-service model to one of outcomes-versus-costs, nurses, as the most direct caregivers for many patients, are acknowledged as playing a crucial role in improving patient outcomes and delivering quality care.

And yet, most nurses are not prepared for a system of value-based payment.

In a world where 82% of U.S. adults routinely refer to online customer ratings, ready access to safety records and satisfaction rates via the internet is increasing attention on the role of nurses in our healthcare delivery system.

In his keynote speech, breakout sessions and interactive seminars, Dr. Bob Baker shares practical, real-world strategies and techniques that nurses and nurse practitioners can and do implement easily with immediate pay-offs in patient satisfaction. 77% of attendees report that they will make changes in their practices based on Dr. Bob’s recommendations.

But you won’t find Bob standing behind a podium narrating slides! He is a warm and highly engaging speaker combining practical advice to improve patient satisfaction scores with inspiring stories to reignite caregivers’ passion for the medical profession.

He has been described as outstanding, the highlight of our conference, a gifted performer and educator and a joy to work with. He’s won consistent 4.8/5 ratings from audiences, and a personal Press-Ganey patient satisfaction ranking in the 99th percentile.

Dr. Baker’s uniquely fun and informative presentations will inspire, delight and empower your audience, drawing on not only his decades of medical practice, but also on his decades of performing experience.

He uses his skills in magic and ventriloquism in the service of his message to inform and entertain your audience in a way they’ll never forget. He features Nurse Judy Edwards, a can-do nurse puppet audiences adore. According to response surveys, 91% of health care professionals would recommend his presentations to others.

As technology and increased demands on nurses’ time come between them and their patients, Dr. Baker prepares nurses for the future, where quality measures and patient experience, satisfaction and reviews will be ever more important.

The Performance of Nursing will give your attendees the tools necessary to thrive in the changing landscape of patient-centered care and do the job they do so well, care for people.