Dr. Bob Baker is a man on a mission. His twin passions are outstanding patient care and helping medical professionals to rediscover the joy of their profession.

He believes that the magic of healing begins with the nurse-patient connection.

In his 35 years as an internist/gastroenterologist Dr. Bob has repeatedly witnessed the life-changing impact nurses have on patient recovery and has seen how the changing medical world is affecting their ability to do what they do best—take care of people. He has a deep understanding of the particular challenges nurses face and how to overcome them.

Dr. Bob is the author of The Performance of Medicine, an insight filled book of techniques and strategies designed to help care providers connect and communicate better with their patients.

He is an Assistant Professor Emeritus of Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and served as a Physician Master Facilitator in the Culture of C.A.R.E. initiative of Northwell Health, one of the country’s largest health systems, training Northwell’s employees, including physicians and nurses, to give better, more empathic care to patients.

He practices what he preaches and is proud to have received personal Press-Ganey patient satisfaction rankings in the 99th percentile.

But if you’re expecting a dry, clinical presentation… think again.

Dr. Bob’s presentations are anything but boring. He will enthrall your attendees with his unique mix of practical in-the-trenches advice and jaw-dropping performance skills from his half-century on stage.

Dr. Bob has performed as a magician and ventriloquist to spellbound audiences around the world, including a command performance before the tribal elders of nomadic Bedouins in the Negev Desert (which he says that was even more nerve-wracking than his appearance before 11 million people on America’s Got Talent).

His unforgettable talk will engage, educate, inspire your audience to reconnect with their love of nursing and dramatically increase patient satisfaction.

Invite Dr. Bob Baker and his sophisticated mix of real world clinical experience and spot-on humor to your next medical event!

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